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Manufactures of Kevlar Fabric

Manufactures of Kevlar Fabric

Kevlar fabric for rigid and soft body armor protective applications. The type of Kevlar fiber Cloth used for protective applications is Kevlar 29. Kevlar fabric for protective applications is used primarily by the military and law enforcement agencies for bullet resistant vests and helmets. The military has found that helmets reinforced with Kevlar offer 25-40% better fragmentation resistance than comparable steel helmets while providing better fit and greater comfort. Bullet resistant vests using Kevlar cloth have saved thousands of police officers and military personnel in the line of duty. Kevlar fabric also offers excellent thermal protection in items such as gloves and boots since it can withstand extreme heat and is inherently flame resistant.

Characteristics of Kevlar Fabric for Protection :

Bullet resistant
Fragment resistant
Bullet resistant
Excellent thermal properties
Excellent dimensional stability
High strength
Cut resistant
Chemical resistance
Puncture resistant
Slash resistant
Flame resistant, self-extinguishing

Applications of Kevlar Fabric for Soft Body Armor:

Ballistic vests
Fragmentation vests
Blast resistant suits
Chainsaw chaps
Cut resistant aprons
Bomb blankets

Applications of Kevlar Fabric for Rigid Armor :

Armored vehicles
Cargo containers
Military humvees
Blast containment
Armor plates and shields
Cockpit doors