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Manufactures of 100% GFO Packing

Manufactures of 100% GFO Packing

Compared to other PTFE/graphite packings, only those made with GORE� GFO� fiber, with its 20+ year history of documented trouble-free performance, deliver an unmatched level of assurance and confidence. Look for the Seal of Assurance on every package ... and 100% GFO printed right on the packing.

Key Benefits :

Long lasting performance
Minimum shaft wear
Minimum downtime from repacking pumps or resurfacing shafts
Saves maintenance time and trouble
Reduces inventories ... consolidates packing needs
Confidence that the packing will work every time

Key Features :

20+ years of proven, documented performance
Runs cool, even after extended periods of continuous operation.
Never gets hard or brittle, so its easy to install and remove.
Widest range of applications.

Technical Data :

Temperature Range*:

-400°F to + 550°F (-240°C to + 288°C)

Chemical Resistance:

Chemically inert, with few exceptions, over the entire 0-14 pH range.


Able to withstand shaft speeds to 4,300 feet per minute (21.8 m/s)

* See Material Safety Data Sheet for stuffing box temperatures above 150�C

Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations

Note : Available in Rope & Ring Form