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Manufactures of Asbestos Rope

Manufactures of Asbestos Yarns

Twisted Asbestos Ropes: Several ends of asbestos yarns are uniformly twisted to produce very flexible ropes.

Caulking Asbestos Ropes: A number of soft packings with various construction parameters to produce caulking ropes.

Service :-

For thermal insulation of pipelines, particularly when there is a danger of damage by abrasion In very confined spaces and additional protective cladding is not used.
These asbestos rope are widely used in coke oven doors, between the fire bricks and steel frame-work in steel plants as well as in boiler houses.
These asbestos ropes satisfy the need for a resilient yet tough material to accommodate differences in thermal expansion and effect an efficient seal against leakage of gases.
Suitable For Temperature Upto 325`C.
Asbestos Rope is available in Round / Square / Rectangular Section.
Asbestos Rope is available in Size: 6mm to 200mm.
Asbestos Rope is available in Packing: 1 Kg. / 2.5 Kgs. / 5 Kgs. / 7.5 Kgs. / 25 Kgs. / 50 Kgs.